Welcome to BuyAustinArt

Our goal is to connect buyers from around the world with Austin’s creative people, empowering artists & creating opportunity for all.

BuyAustinArt is a local project by small business owners here in Austin, Texas. We’re not a tech startup with investors and shareholders. Before Covid changed all of our lives we used to host art markets at our bar but for everyone’s safety those have been put on hold. From that came the idea of “How do we still get local artists and crafters in front of customers so they can still benefit from their work?” Many coffees and conversations later we came up with the idea for this website.

An online marketplace where vendors run their own shops is not a new idea. It’s been perfected and copied by many. What we’re hoping for is to scale the concept back and focus locally on our friends and neighbors that help make Austin the unique and amazing city that it is.